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hostgator reviews
hostgator reviews

Hostgator reviews: With so many different web hosting services available online to take advantage of today, trying to find the right one – the perfect one – for your needs can feel like a real uphill battle.

Thankfully though, HostGator really stands head and shoulders above the rest of the pack, providing you with all of the top tier web hosting solutions you need to build up your very own corner of the Internet.

Hostgator Reviews

Offering plenty of speed, security, and flexibility – not only in the amount of plans that they make available, but also the tools and hardware that they use to lay down the foundation of their hosting service, when you choose to move forward with HostGator you are choosing to move forward with in industry leader that has a sterling silver reputation around the world as far as web hosting services are concerned.

Promising a rocksolid foundation of hardware with all of the online web building and advertising tools you need to create an online presence that helps you establish your business or your online project, you really don’t have to even consider any of the other web hosting options out there – HostGator is just that good.

Check out all of the inside information that we have to offer you below and you’ll be able to understand a lot more about why we feel so strongly about HostGator. Let’s dive right in!

Hostgator Shared Hosting:

Better understanding everything that HostGator Shared Hosting has to offer

As we have highlighted above, when you decide to move forward with this particular hosting company you’re going to be able to take advantage of next generation hosting and connection technology from a company that continues to invest (and then reinvest) into the hardware that they have running all of their client websites.

For years and years now, the HostGator company has made it their number one priority to be sure that they have one of the most – if not THE most – robust networks of online hosting and traffic servers. This guarantees their customers the kind of speed, safety, security, and flexibility they need to compete in the digital world today.

A lot of other web hosting companies out there promise the moon and the stars when it comes to these kinds of services, but almost all of them fall short – sometimes laughably so. That’s just not going to be the case when you choose to go forward with HostGator.

They have multiple different shared web hosting package plans (the Hatchling, the Baby, and the Business Plans), and each and every one of them have been crafted to suit your specific needs – and your budget – right down to the ground.

Sure, you’ll need to be sure that you have done your research and due diligence to invest in quality HostGator shared hosting that meets your needs as best it can, but that’s really not going to be that much of a challenge. Especially not when you are able to contact customer service and support to work with them to find out which of these three plans makes the most sense for you.

Hatchling Plan
Starting At $3.95/mo*
Single Domain
One Click Installs
Unmetered Bandwidth
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Business Plan
Starting At $5.95/mo*
Unlimited Domains
One Click Installs
Unmetered Bandwidth
Private SSL
Dedicated IP
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Baby Plan
Starting At $5.95/mo*
Unlimited Domains
One Click Installs
Unmetered Bandwidth
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Shared Hosting Hatchling plan Review

Get let’s start off with the Hatchling Plan.

The entry-level plan for all intents and purposes, this is not only going to be the least expensive of all the HostGator shared web hosting plans, but it’s also going to be the most popular and most commonly taken advantage of plan (and a lot of that has to do with price).

Perfect for those that are just looking to get started with the web, as well as those that want to dip their toe in the water of online business without having to drop a tremendous amount of money on the much more feature-rich and robust online host, the Hatchling Plan will definitely get the job done. You’ll be up and running in no time at all.

Shared Hosting Baby plan Review

The Baby Plan is a little bit more robust and feature-rich than that, offering you the ability to host more domains than just your one on the Hatchling Plan as well as some other integrated features that really boost your capabilities online. The speed of your site, the security of your site, and the flexibility of your site on a Baby Plan is pretty much identical to the Hatchling Plan – though the ability to add multiple domain names to a single hosting account makes sense for brand-new web developers.

Shared Hosting Business plan Review

Finally, you’ll have the Business Plan in the Shared Web Hosting from the HostGator company. This is a plan better suited to those that are going to be running a small product or service-based operation, but not necessarily a business that is looking to run a full-blown permanently online e-commerce solution. But we will get into that in just a moment.

Only just a little bit more expensive than the Hatchling in the Baby plan, the Business Plan also throws in a 100% free 1-800 number for your business as well as the use of SSL security certificates.

Hostgator Cloud Hosting

Better understanding everything that HostGator Cloud Hosting has to offer

Cloud computing is the next wave as far as technology is concerned, and if you have been dreaming about getting your own cloud computing application up and running (online backup, online file sharing, etc.) you’re going to want to take a close look at all of the services provided by the HostGator company.

There are multiple Cloud Hosting services available from HostGator just as there are in the shared web hosting segment, and you’ll need to make sure that you properly navigate all of your options to make sure that you are making the most of your cloud services without having to spend a mountain of money along the way.

Hatchling Cloud
Starting At $4.95/mo*
Single Domain
2GB Memory
2 Core CPU
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Baby Cloud
Starting At $7.95/mo*
Unlimited Domains
4GB Memory
4 Core CPU
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Business Cloud
Starting At $9.95/mo*
Unlimited Domains
6GB Memory
6 Core CPU
FREE Private SSL & IP
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Hatchling Cloud Review

Hatchling Cloud services are (surprise, surprise) the entry-level of the cloud hosting solutions available from HostGator, and they are definitely the least expensive of the bunch. You are only going to be slightly limited in the amount of space, the amount of speed, and the overall assets and resources you’ll be able to use with this Hatchling Cloud plan, but it is a great way to get started with cloud services without breaking your bank account in the process.

Baby Cloud Review

Baby Cloud plans are just a little bit more robust and feature-rich than the Hatchling Cloud services, and only just the smallest bit more expensive. This is where you’re going to notice a pretty significant bump up in power and speed, however, though you will still enjoy industry grade safety and security of your Baby Cloud plan just the same way you would with any other HostGator set up.

Baby Clouds also offers you a variety of different subsets and features intended for power users or those that want to really tinker around with everything that cloud computing has to offer. This is the kind of cloud computing service more experience online professionals are going to want to move forward with, and really hits that sweet spot between performance and price, right between Baby Cloud and Business Cloud services.

Business Cloud Review

Speaking of Business Cloud, this is the kind of HostGator cloud service you’re going to want to take advantage of if you’re looking to build out a companywide intranet, a Customer Management System, or any number of backend solutions for your business, your department, your team, or your key outsourcers and assets.

Business Cloud is the fastest, most responsive, and most feature-rich of all the Cloud Based Computing solutions available from this company – but you’re definitely going to have to pay for all of these benefits and advantages. It is just a bit more expensive than the Baby Cloud service, but is (comparatively) quite a bit more expensive than the rather bare-bones Hatchling Cloud option.

You’ll want to be sure to contact customer service directly to outline your expectations and your intended use of these cloud-based services to get a better idea as to which of them are going to make the most sense for you right now.

Cloud computing is only going to grow, become more robust, more powerful, and faster in the future, but you’ll want to get in on the action right now – and HostGator can help!

Hostgator WordPress Hosting

Better understanding everything HostGator WordPress Hosting has to offer

Believe it or not, some online experts believe that close to 70% of ALL websites on the Internet today are built on the back of the world’s (and human history’s) most popular piece of open source software – WordPress!

Designed to make it just as easy and as effortless as possible for EVERYONE to build, design, create, and customize their very own website and blog, WordPress has quickly established itself as the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS).

Rather simple and straightforward to deploy (they actively advertise that their “five-minute installation process”), sometimes a new WordPress install can be a little bit trickier to navigate and you need to make sure that your new host as plenty of resources for your WordPress install to take advantage of.

This is where HostGator WordPress Hosting comes into play.

Each of the different levels of WordPress Hosting from HostGator are going to provide you with:

• One click installation of the entire WordPress package and creation of databases to take advantage of

• Efficient and lightning fast servers that guarantee your site loads in the blink of an eye

• Safety and security features that not only protect you and your sensitive data but also each and every one of your visitors as well

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Starter Plan
Starting At $5.95/mo*
1 Site
25k Visits Per Month
1GB Backups
50GB Storage
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Standard Plan
Starting At $7.95/mo*
2 Sites
200k Visits Per Month
2GB Backups
150GB Storage
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Business Plan
Starting At $9.95/mo*
3 Sites
300k Visits Per Month
3GB Backups
Unlimited Storage
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Starter Plan Review

The Starter Plan in the HostGator WordPress Hosting catalog is the entry-level package that you’ll be able to use to get a rather basic and minimalist WordPress installation up and running.

You’re going to be able to run a basic blog that gets a minimal amount of traffic each and every month with this kind of setup, and you’re also going to be able to spend the least amount of money on these kinds of services as well.

Standard Plan Review

The Standard Plan from HostGator is a little bit more secure, a little bit faster, and a little bit more flexible as far as the kinds of full-blown WordPress installations you’re going to be able to build out on it are concerned. For those that are serious about building up an online presence with WordPress, the Standard Plan is the absolute bare minimum that they should even consider taking advantage of.

This offers a lot of speed, extra resources, and access to some pretty robust special add-ons that will streamline and simplify your WordPress administration.

Business Plan Review

Finally, you have the Business Plan from the folks at HostGator. This is a plan that offers full SSL safety and security, 128 bit encryption across the board, plenty of speed, data transfer (up and down), and a one click installation of a fresh WordPress install right out of the box – and that only really begins to scratch the tip of the iceberg as far as what this Business Plan really has to offer is concerned.

If you’re going to be running your business website awful WordPress you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to pair that installation with a proper online hosting package call one specifically designed to integrate with WordPress and provided with all the resources it needs so that you can make the most out of this amazing piece of software.

Closing thoughts

At the end of the day, there are going to be plenty of different options for you to pick and choose from when it comes time to sign up for a do web host.

Many of them are going to promise you the moon and the stars when it comes to services and price, but almost all of them are going to let you down when compared against all that HostGator has to offer.

Inexpensive, robust, plenty flexible, and capable of allowing you to create pretty much any kind of website you could ever imagine, there’s really only one choice for those that are serious about partnering up with the very best online web host today – and that’s HostGator!