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hostgator vps
hostgator vps

If you’re looking for a VPS service, you may want to consider Hostgator VPS. Hostgator is a famous American company which offers virtual private server services to clients, in addition to a range of other services, including domain names and Web hosting.

Today, we’re going to share a lot of valuable information about Hostgator VPS. By giving you access to hard facts about this service, we hope to make your comparison-shopping easier. It’s always smart to compare two or three VPS companies before making a final decision about which firm to hire. It’s the smartest way to get more for your money and to minimize the risk of a bad experience.

First, let’s talk about what Hostgator VPS actually is. We want you to understand what VPS is and how this company delivers it.

What is Hostgator VPS, Anyway?

Hostgator VPS is a type of virtual private server system which is offered to customers. A VPS is a virtual machine which is marketed as a service, via a Web hosting company. The VPS system offered by Hostgator operates its own version of an OS (operating system) and clients may enjoy “super user” access to that operating system, which gives them the ability to perform installation of many forms of software which run via that operating system.

What Are the Benefits of This Service?

When you choose VPS via Hostgator, you’ll enjoy root access which is complete and which gives you full control over the hosting environment. It will allow for customized installations of software, as well as configuration. This virtual server will be autonomous and fully-allocated for your website. You’ll get the advantages of dedicated resources, without needing to pay a lot for your own dedicated server.

As well, you’ll find that this service is very dependable. This is because it features many separate layers of security for the network, as well as a range of providers for bandwidth. This safeguards reliability of the server. Every VPS server in the system is housed within a data center which is ultra-modern and features power that is redundant, as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning units.

As well, the Hostgator VPN system comes with 10-disk configuration, which offers the highest level of protection for data.

Also, this system is scalable to customer needs, so it will grow with your needs. You may scale it up just clicking a button and this means that you’ll be able to add resources when your website needs more resources! For example, if you’re experiencing higher Web traffic numbers, or have more complex requirements, you’ll find that you’re able to add resources in mere seconds.

Most online entrepreneurs have ambitions, but may not want to pay for the highest levels of VPS service at the start, for an array of reasons. If you are in this boat, you’ll be able to upgrade whenever you want to. You’ll know that you’re not stuck with a lower tier of service for the duration.

If you want to, you may start with basic services for VPN and then upgrade them when the need arises. A lot of entrepreneurs do this and it’s nice to have this sort of flexibility!

The key benefit of Hostgator VPS is root access which is complete. When you choose this company, you’ll have so much control over the environment. You’ll be able to add custom scripts and install apps with ease.

As you can see, the company does offer a lot of impressive features to its clients. There are three tiers of service, so you should be able to find a tier which is ideal for your needs and budget. Even the most basic tier of service offers access to a superb network and plenty of features. The key difference between the tiers of service are the amount of CPU cores, RAM, disk space and bandwidth.

Which Package Should You Choose?

Snappy 2000

The basic package is known as the Snappy 2000 package and it retails for the low price of $19.99 per month. When you purchase this package, you’ll access two cores of CPU, two gigabytes of RAM, 120 gigabytes of disk space, 1.5 TP of bandwidth, a couple of IP addresses, ultra-modern server hardware, cutting-edge server hardware and a network which is top of the line.

Basic service from Hostgator VPS isn’t really that basic. You’ll get a lot for what you pay. It’s a great deal overall and a good way to started with VPN, without needing to spend a lot of money. It’s always possible to move up to a higher tier of service later on, so those who want to start out small will benefit from considering the Snappy 2000 package.

Snappy 4000

If you want a higher level of VPS service, consider the Snappy 4000 package. It retails for $29.95 per month and features a couple of cores of CPU, four gigabytes of RAM, one hundred and sixty-five gigabytes of disk space, two TB of bandwidth and a couple of IP addresses. Also, it gives users access to the most advanced features for the servers, as well as server hardware which is extremely high-tech. Users also gain access to a network which is truly beyond compare.

Snappy 8000

There is one other package option and this is the Snappy 8000 package. It provides the highest level of features and performance for a monthly price tag of $39.95. When you choose the Snappy 8000 package, you’ll receive four cores of CPU, as well as eight gigabytes of RAM. In addition, you’ll be granted access to two hundred and forty gigabytes of disk space and three TB of bandwidth.

As well, you’ll receive a couple of IP addresses. Lastly, you’ll gain access to the high-tech network, be able to enjoy the best server hardware and access of the most advanced features.

Snappy 2000
Starting At $19.95/mo*
2 Cores CPU
120 GB Disk Space
1.5 TB Bandwidth
2 IP Addresses
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Snappy 4000
Starting At $29.95/mo*
2 Cores CPU
165 GB Disk Space
2 TB Bandwidth
2 IP Addresses
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Snappy 8000
Starting At $39.95/mo*
4 Cores CPU
240 GB Disk Space
3 TB Bandwidth
2 IP Addresses
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

As you can see, Hostgator VPS has something for everyone. No matter your requirements of budget, you’ll find that this exceptional hosting company provides just the right level of service. Also, upgrading is so easy, so there’s really no reason to choose another VPS service. When you go with Hostgator, you’ll be primed to enjoy superlative service, because this company has a large enough infrastructure to handle everyone’s needs.

How to Save on Hostgator VPS Services?

These services are already very affordable. In fact, a lot of Hostgator clients choose the company because it offers the right services for very little money. You’ll find that package prices for Hostgator VPS services are really low, even when you compare them to the most budget-friendly competitors.

However, there is a clever way to save even more on the cost of these services. It’s so easy, too. Just search for a hostgator VPS coupon online and then use in the checkout area of the Hostgator website. The coupon will need to be valid. If it is, using it will be as easy as adding the coupon code when you check out at Hostgator. To find the best and most current coupons and access the cash savings that you want and deserve, see this coupons:

Access Premium Customer Support

When you select Hostgator for VPS, you’ll be able to visit a Support Portal which is designed to serve the needs of many different types of shared hosting customers. For example, there is a WebHost Manager portion of the Support Portal which is perfect for those who select cPanel/WHM for their virtual private servers. This portion of the support hub features information on more than sixty topics and it will help you to find your way through your new virtual private network server.

As well, this portal features sub-categories which are smaller and which assist visitors with resolving problems with root access. For example, you’ll be able to visit a portal which is devoted to sharing customer management tips for re-sellers. As well, you’ll be granted access to a WHM autopilot system which is a lot like WHMCS, although it has some differences, too.

Video tutorials are also available. One module of video tutorials is there for users of WHM who are WHM-dedicated. These users may be dedicated server users or regular VPS users. There are lots of videos to check out and watching one or more will give you the inside scoop on how to create cPanel accounts, manage quotas, upgrade your system software and understand DNS and navigation. If you’re new to virtual private servers, you’ll find this training area very helpful.

Another customer support feature which is excellent is the forum support feature. It’s known as Linux VPS Support and there are five hundred topics available to browse, as well as two thousand, six hundred and fifty responses to read. While this isn’t the biggest forum around, it does offer a lot of information. We feel that it’s a big enough size to be really helpful to many VPS users.

This Company Has Great Hardware

HostGator utilizes Supermicro servers which feature six thousand series CPUS, which come from AMD. They are Opteron servers and they are enabled with RAID disk arrays.

At present, these servers utilize a couple of datacenters, one of which is located within Texas, in Houston. The other is situated in Provo, which is part of Utah State, USA.

Is This Company Right for You?

While HostGator has gone down in popularity just a bit over the past five years, it’s still one of the biggest hosting companies in the world. At present, the brand is owned by a company known as Endurance International. This change in ownership may have negatively impacted HostGator’s reputation for a while. Change tends to have an impact.

However, HostGator has rebounded and it still has tons of customers who are really loyal. Key issues with service during the ownership changeover included bigger outages, problems with technical support and so on. Right now, the company seems to have resolved these issues and their VPS services are selling consistently.

Based on our detailed research, we feel that this company’s popularity has decreased, but that it still belongs on anyone’s short list of VPS provider companies. It’s a company that you should check out as it may offer exactly what you are looking for.

The best way to learn more about HostGator is to visit the company’s official website today. You’ll be able to check out tons of information about its VPS services and other services. As well, we recommend looking up online feedback about this hosting company. It’s best to look for current customer reviews, as the company has experienced some changes over the years.

Affordability, a big infrastructure and versatile, scalable packages are the primary advantages of choosing HostGator. We believe that the company does offer everything that most people need. As well, it’s one of the largest hosting companies in the world. This means that it has the features and servers that are needed in order to provide reliable service every day and night. At present, the company does have a strong reputation in terms of dependability.

As well, all of the technical support which is offered via the website is really something special. You won’t need to wonder about things. If you have something that you want to learn about, tons of helpful resources will be at your fingertips. For example, you’ll be able to watch videos which help you to understand every facet of VPN systems.

Closing thoughts

Now that you have the inside scoop on HostGator, why not sign up for the company’s VPS services today? This company provides exceptional service and reviews of the company have become more positive over the past year or so. In some cases, HostGator is the only web hosting and VPS service that people know by name. It’s famous for a reason. It delivers affordable service which is easy to access and also offers a lot of perks to its customers.

If you want to buy VPS services from a company with a strong reputation, you’ll find that HostGator is a fine choice. As well, the company is just so established.